Trip Team/Paradise 9 Gig

Paradise 9 – space punk psychedelic rockers and ska band The Real Bad Habits play a birthday bash in Dulwich . . .

3keybob and Clare are gigging tomorrow night along with Paradise 9 and ska band The Real Bad Habits.

It is a birthday, party for our friend Alex who is 18 years old. He suffers from Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a rare, inherited metabolic disorder. In this disorder, the fatty covering (myelin sheath) of nerve fibres in the brain is lost, and the adrenal gland degenerates, usually leading to progressive neurological disability. Alex was not diagnosed with ALD until 2001, although the symptoms were progressing some years before a MRI scan diagnosed this very rare condition.We all hope to make this night a really special night for Alex.

This special gig will be taking place at Rye Hill Estate Community Hall, 241 Peckham Rye, Dulwich, London SE15 3AA.

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