If you have checked our site you will be aware of a fantompowa radio. The music shows are split into two main pages; one contains reggae and dub mixes and the second with a mixture of soul, funk, r’n’b [of the old sort], the odd bit of Jazz, and two recent dubstep mixes.
The rationale of the programmes is to present tunes wherever possible from the original vinyl to reflect the kind of sets I play out when DJ’ing with the Trip Team, and create a journey in sound.
My first love has always been old school reggae, which I have been collecting since the days of punk when the likes of Burning Spear, Culture, and the wonderful Misty in Roots plied their trade in the UK on a regular basis.  Two Sevens Clashed and DBC was in full swing. A major inspiration and source of tunes were the regular reggae shows then on the radio. Many an early Saturday morning spent hovering over a cassette machine to make sure I got the whole of the Manasseh show, as well as Joey Jay’s Word Sound and Power and then Tony William’s Rice and Peas on a Sunday afternoon; all providing a treasure trove of deep roots music.
Those were also of course the days of real record shops that actually sold vinyl and tracking down tunes was always a part of life; Daddy Kool, Dub Vendor in Ladbroke Grove and the record shacks of South East London proving a great hunting ground. Sadly few, if any, are left  - Dub Vendor are still in a reduced space in Clapham, but there seem few of the old guard that remain in business.
The rise of the CD and the demise of the record shop found me drifting from vinyl until a pair of 1210’s reignited my obsession. In these times there is at least a small resurgence in re-pressed reggae, soul and R’n’B vinyl which are there – the web helps and I spend a lot of time in my favourite shop Sounds of the Universe with piles of vinyl and staff who love the stuff.

I put the shows together because I love the tunes and want to spread the word. So if you love the tunes get out there and track them down; the hunt is always a rewarding experience and don’t forget there are plenty of charity shops out there with dusty boxes of old records just waiting to be re-discovered, cheap enough to to take a chance on.
Come back to the blog for more info on the specific shows; and any comments etc are always welcome, as are any suggestions for different sources for tunes or what the music means to you.


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