Vinyl – a real record shop & cafe in Tanners Hill, Deptford


fantompowa’s Bob does a set on the decks

Vinyl, 4 Tanners Hill, Deptford

Vinyl, 4 Tanners Hill, Deptford

A record shop called Vinyl has opened in Tanner’s Hill, Deptford, which is a veritable treasure trove for vinyl junkies. With a cafe upstairs selling coffee, snacks & beers, the vinyl (and a few reluctantly displayed cd’s) are down in the basement area.

Opened a couple of months ago by Ronnie – previously the man behind Ambient Soho and Dragon Discs, the shop is becoming a haven for the local bohemians and muso’s – as well as anyone wanting a quick break and a coffee or beer.

The walls are covered in artworks by local artists, and there are a number of tables where punters can chill out – either indulging in that old-fashioned pastime of discussion, or staring into a screen…
If you come to check out the vinyl, you’ll find a great selection of everything from Rare Groove to bluegrass, and everything in between. Punters are provided with a deck and cans to check out their potential purchases. The records are all classified in proper sections, with a little note from the knowledgeable Ronnie about the vinyl inside the cover.


Geezer on the decks at Ronnie's 'Vinyl' record shop / cafe on Sunday 2nd Feb.

Geezer on the decks at Ronnie’s ‘Vinyl’ record shop / cafe on Sunday 2nd Feb.

Ronnie opened Vinyl at the same time as the last Deptford X Festival, and since then has been providing a venue for local spoken-word groups and acoustic sets from musicians; as well as regular DJ sets, such as a recent Funky Sunday Afternoon with Geezer (Guy McAffer) playing a selection of funk’s finest 7″” specials, and Bob from fantompowa some funky r&b…

Ronnie will be putting together a list of upcoming events for us – and the venue can be rented out for low-key performance or local interest-groups.

The shop/ cafe is in one of the oldest remaining streets from old Deptford, at the bottom of the hill that runs down from Lewisham Way to the Broadway – get down there, and support your local record shop… (Pictures by David Somerset, fiba)

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