We have two new tunes out on the number one acid techno label STAY UP FOREVER.

Now available on 909 London

They are remixes of two bangin’ original aceed tunes we did with the Geezer back in the day – so they have had the full treatment and are guaranteed to rock the custard and cut to the mustard . . .

You can hear a sample of the tracks on the site 909 LONDON . . . they are currently at No.1 & No.2 in the 909 Download chart

Check it out . . . original Acid Techno – for 2012

Both Dadawas and Government Man are tunes done in the original Geezer studio at New Cross Road with Guy McAffer on the controls and vocal contributions from 3 Key Sound‘s Tony Hippolyte. Remixed and remonstered at the new Geezer Bell Green Studio by Guy with JH and BB of the fantompowa posse.

Buy yourself a download and terrorise your block . . . .

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