While trying to dig out my copy of Police Officer by the late Smiley Culture, I unearthed a pile of old dancehall twelves which had not seen the light of day for quite a while.  The inevitable few hours locked into the Mac resulted in the New Reggae and Dub Radio Show.

This mix is Part One with Part Two on the way soon.

This mix starts and ends with Smiley’s two best known singles;  the sadly ironic Police Officer, and the Smiley by-name-and-nature Cockney Translation.

Other highlights are the ganja section with Barrington Levy and John Holt in full Greensleeves effect, threatening to burn down the cane fields.

Also included are personal favourites Lorna Gee’s Three Week Gone – a very Thatcher-era story of life under the bad old regime, with a healthy sense of humour – and Eastwood and Saint’s celebration of  the vegi life.

All the tunes come from original 12’s that have seen plenty of life at gigs  many moons ago, hence the somewhat scratchy nature of some of them. I still feel the tunes shine through so left them in.

Stay tuned for Part Two with a host of Greensleeves and Live & Love selections,  including plenty of Frankie Paul.

Spark up & Enjoy . . . !

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