Welcome from fantompowa . . !

Hi folks !

This is the blog for 3KS – aka The Three Key Sound, whose website at fantompowa.eu has been running since 1998.
We also have a YouTube page where you can see some of our videos and film we have done of festivals or gigs featuring our friends from South East London.

We originally started the site to focus on our own music and that of our fellow sonic explorers from the Lewisham / Deptford/ New Cross area; as well as highlighting music that we love and respect.

DJ Tripteam Bob [of the 3KS] has produced a number of radio shows in which he draws on his vast vinyl library to spin tunes from JA`s finest, rare dub, blues and soul. They are being listened to around the globe – and he will be posting here to let the audience know why he`s picked the tunes, strange bits of biography and information about the singers, labels and the places worth visiting for vinyl junkies.

We will also be using the blog to record important events – such as the deaths of the great Sugar Minnot and the South East London based Gregory Isaacs earlier this year.
Respect also to the late Smiley Culture and as explanations are demanded for the still unexplained tragedy surrounding his death, we remember that he started out recording tunes in a studio in New Cross – under the second-hand car lot once owned by the Richardson gangsters, now a supermarket service station.

We will also be featuring events and releases from our mates [that is how the world works apparently]; venues, gigs and articles; as well as drawing attention to any activity in the global underground or its commercial arm by 3KS.

Finally, the central reason why we started this blog – we have 35,000 hits a month on our sites. We have never taken any advertising; and have maintained this [and our other websites] as an information resource for the underground, not the corporate machine. That is why we want a forum where our readers and listeners can go to give us some feedback, share information or just let us know how the music grabs you . . .

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