Monatsarchiv für April 2011

The Acid Techno Wedding Crashers Ball

Thursday, den 28. April 2011

Check out a Stuff the Wedding Party in Brixton with the Stay Up for Ever Crew. Featuring a live set with 3KS producer Geezer.

Poly Styrene RIP

Tuesday, den 26. April 2011

We hope that the blog will be more than a series of obituaries, but within an hour of posting our first entry on the new fantompowa music blog we have heard the sad news that Poly Styrene, the lead singer of X Ray Spex, died yesterday of breast cancer. Originally from Brixton, then Bromley [the […]

Welcome from fantompowa . . !

Tuesday, den 26. April 2011

Hi folks ! This is the blog for 3KS – aka The Three Key Sound, whose website at has been running since 1998. We also have a YouTube page where you can see some of our videos and film we have done of festivals or gigs featuring our friends from South East London. We […]